Banquet Gold Label is a seed and biscuit based diet with a variety of nuts and dried fruits added according to the different species’ mixes.  For parakeets, budgies and other smaller hookedbills and finches and canaries we use a different seed blend.

These products are completely supplemented foods.  They contain our “Essentials” vitamins, highly bio-available “Rapisorb” minerals, limiting amino acids (for stress free moults and weight control), and our “Flourish” herbs for immune and digestive support. The protein-to-energy ratio has been balanced to avoid birds getting overweight.

Banquet is a real alternative to pellets for someone who wants a balanced complete food without having to add supplements. Birds love it and they will be fit and healthy eating it. Because it contains a variety of nutritious foods, your bird is able to balance its protein and energy requirements from the selection.

Banquet Gold Label is a complete food. It should make up at least 75% of the birds diet and the bird must be eating a broad range of its ingredients not just picking out its favourite bits.

While Banquet Gold Label is the core of the diet we encourage you to feed a variety of other foods, fruits, vegetables and some human foods as treats. Avoid dairy products, chocolate, avocado and salty processed foods.

With all Banquet products we advise occasional supplementation with Calcivet.

Available in 3 varieties.

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Banquet Variety

Parrot, Cockatiel/Budgie, Fussy Eater

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500g, 1.6kg, 6kg


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